28 August 2009

19 August 2009

bob's function 2009

hello again
blackmarkers are baaaaaack
with more shows

sempena bob's function
doa selamat

aaaaaaaaaand .........

introducing Ezul
the drummer, Ahmad "Travis Barker" Nazmi
the female vocalist, Hani
Ejul nyanyi2the guitarist, Ejoythe function planner + guitarist, Bob" siuk durg main bouncer " Ejalnyanyi2 lagiBrunei Next Top Model :Dbuntal kami ne ~the happy bassist, Ejalbreak ne masa ane, makan2pose untuk album ne ;p
well i got more to update,
esuk lusa tah saja
busy ku

-27 and gd's

04 August 2009

its been awhile ................ PICNIC !

oh my god !
cant believe its been 3 months without a single post
so so dormant this blog
but worry not
latest updates coming up


some pictures of us picnic-ing
i just cant remember when

kawasan bahaya (LOL)
masa untuk gossip ~ HAHA
makan2 dululapas tu main buai laju2 =Pkuntrul2 dulu baru nyalaimeniaga ayam sama sosej :Detoo dia chef pada hari ini ~ hahahakuntrul2 (part II)safety google wah tu, bukannya kan begaya .. HAHAmembusykan dirimakan dulu ye ~group photosecond poseall guys pose

thats all for the posting
insyaAllah if we hav another upcoming shows
or latest jamming session
i'll post it to the blog
been busy nowadays
i dont know why
and i dont wanna tell

-27 and gd's

08 May 2009

latest update from blackmarkers

hello active blackmarks
its been such a long long time since this blog was updated
some of us are busy with some commitments
some works and as usual, everything
but still, no matter how busy we are
we just cant stop playing musics
thats how we roll :D

first of all,
the guitarist Bob
he is lucky to be accepted as one of the Police Band
and yeah i guess his salary is bigger than mine (woot)
kami menunggu ne ujung bulan,
awas ko ilang2 ~

our own keyboardist
Sahibul Kasab (LOL)
he got school trasferred from Muda Hashim to SMJA
well thats what i heard
kalau salah, ubahkan tia ~
i heard the reason was because his parents lived at Lambak
so that he can easily go to school
since he's living with his nene at Tutong
and sometimes sama si Buntal membuat bidiu kembar

atu saja kali
HAHA malas ku gtau pasal kejadian dunia ku disini
just so you know,
kursus is over and here comes the 6 months probation
and as usual,
own salary :D

how about durg Ejoy Hani and Buntal ?
lets just say that ..
si Buntal karak buat burger sama mengail udang
menyubuh ne pisinnya XP
Ejoy and Hani kdg2 lepak with d'madley
since kami semua busy with things
and sometimes d'madley pun ada turun ke studio kami
as usual, to upgrade our playing style
we cant get better playing f they didnt teach us, seriously

i guess thats all saja
sorry nada picture(s)
inda lagi tegambar wah

-27 and gd's

14 February 2009

Studio Transformation

hello blackmarks
sorry lama inda beupdate
people been busy
we been busy
so yeah
gpun kami jarang ada show
so nada kan diupdate
but now ada sudah kan diupdate
our studio got a new looks

check this out :D

the old look a.k.a studio bata
cream wall + rasta wall on the left (:and tadaaaa ~ this is our new studio looks :Dthe crew : Mizu, Ejal, Hani, Ejoy, Erik, Tal, Awoi

well now u guys can come to our studio
and have a look on our studio walls
hope you like it
we like it,
why dont you ?

special thanks to MadNyce (:
hope to see you again soon

i want to fall in love with you again :D

-27 and gd's